3rd TPM held in Bucharest (Romania)

The SOSUSK Consortium organized in Romania its last Transnational Project Meeting in presence in Bucharest, meeting hosted by the local partner ARES’EL. The meeting took place on the 27th and on the 28th of November 2023 at the Observator Ballroom of the International Hotel and was planned also online via Zoom (with all the video registered).

The status of the project was discussed, along with a focus and reports about project results, the training platform, the dissemination, quality issues, project management and all SOSUSK’s activities. All the project partners took part in it, either in person (from Greece, Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Romania and Italy) or online (from Bulgaria). New “things to do” for all partners and clear deadlines has been set up by project coordinator AKEP in order to plan in the best way the remaining activities to be carried out in the last month of project implementation, which is December 2023.

The training accelerator program’s platform (Project Result 3) has been presented in detail by Polish partner MOBAD: one issue that was discussed about online course modules was the revision of the translations of all modules and explanatory texts into the different languages of all the partners, in order to make the online platform more clear, verified and accessible in every country and language. A tutorial was held for all partners to this end during the 27th of November.

After this, quality issues were analyzed by the Croatian partner BREZA, who reported the actual status of these activities and the next surveys and reports to be completed in the next 2 weeks. Once discussed quality issues, the topic moved to the Belgian speaker CCITABEL, who analyzed the performances registered until now on the social media pages of the project and on the website. Some statistics were presented about its performances, especially on the good results on the LinkedIn profile of SOSUSK and on Facebook, where some new actions are required for a wider interaction and new contents to be published by all partners, also in national languages and not only in English. It was stated that posts educating the audience about a topic on green or social entrepreneurship do better than other ones, and that interacting with other similar accounts will help in putting SOSUSK out there and reaching more people as followers.

The meeting was very fruitful in getting everyone up to date on the recent developments of the project. The participants also shared exciting ideas about the future of SOSUSK, they brainstormed about how the project would look in the future, beyond its expected end, for its sustainability or possible continuation. Multiple prospects were shared, such as an expansion onto new topics, new events, new education projects, and new targets. The planning for the next events also took place, namely the “National Multiplier Event” with local stakeholders which will take place until the end of the project. In Greece the ME is planned for the 15th of December, so that it is recommended that, on the basis of the agenda model of project coordinator AKEP, also all the other partners will organized MEs in half December (for example, in Romania, it will be held in the period 19-20.12).

The participants also shared a common working lunch and a nice social dinner at the suggestive and well-know “Caru cu Bere” restaurant in the old town of the city. After the 2 days meeting, partners spent together some time visiting the city and the touristic attractions of Bucharest.

Overall, in addition to the very good organization, the last TPM meeting of the SOSUSK project left everyone really satisfied, topics such as financing and administrative tasks were also discussed in detail, and everyone left Bucharest with a clearer outlook on the project and on the next steps to be followed and done in the short term to make it more successful, and to end it in the best way.

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