Three, two, one… Sosusk!

What is the best way to encourage the acquisition of new skills by NEETs? What are the most suitable tools to promote the social inclusion of those who live in remote or rural areas? How to encourage the green and digital transition, promoting the development of young entrepreneurs? These are some of the questions that will guide the European project SOSUSK – SOcial and SUstainable SKills for young neet population, which has finally reached the starting blocks.

Reactivating young European NEETs (not included in employment, education or training) is no small challenge. SOSUSK intends to collect it, providing them with social and green entrepreneurship skills and competencies. The project aims to facilitate access to sustainable employment or self-employment opportunities.

In the next few months, the partners of the project will be working on the collection and analysis of good practices on innovative digital learning methods for green and social entrepreneurship.

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