An energizing experience: LTTA training in Warsaw with SOSUSK project

The Erasmus project SOSUSK (Social and Sustainable Skills for Young NEET Population) recently conducted a five-day international training program in Poland. The event brought together 26 young participants hailing from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Romania. The training focused on green and social entrepreneurship topic.

Taking place from July 2nd to July 7th, 2023, this international initiative hosted aspiring young entrepreneurs at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Warsaw, Poland.

Andrea, a young Italian participant, shares his reflections on the experience:

« I am thrilled about the opportunities provided by the Erasmus project and the outstanding organization by our host partner, MOBAD!

This experience was positive from start to finish. The training took place in a remarkable setting-a campus in the financial hub of Warsaw, complete with co-working spaces, modern and well-equipped offices, and meeting rooms. The instructors and experts were highly competent, and the interactive, laboratory-based approach allowed us to engage with other participants in a comfortable multicultural context. We were encouraged to exchange ideas and collaborate with fellow young entrepreneurs to develop projects related to social businesses, such as sustainable restaurants, green tourism, services for the disabled, demographic education in emerging countries, social housing, and more. Our projects were reviewed by experts who offered valuable advice on their feasibility. I gained a wealth of knowledge, had the privilege of meeting seasoned entrepreneurship professionals, and engaged with peers who shared similar aspirations. This intense week not only boosted my professional aspirations but also spurred personal growth, prompting me to reorganize my thoughts and ideas. It was a truly energizing experience! Now I’ve enrolled in University…”

Thanks Andrea for your positive energy and for sharing his plans for the future!

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