SOSUSK: The pandemic, the environment and new opportunities

Finding creative and inclusive ways to address these topics is of fundamental importance for every society: the Covid-19 experience taught us how much economics, the environment and social well-being are intertwined. Therefore, these factors need to be addressed in a holistic and encompassing way.

During the most crucial moments of the pandemic, we experienced the full shutdown of industries and the huge economic implications that this caused; yet, during this period, the levels of pollution dropped and the air got cleaner, thus improving the environmental conditions worldwide after years of neglect. If there is a lesson to be learnt from these troublesome events is the necessity to adjust our economies and make them more climate friendly.

This is the sector where SOSUSK project can make a difference: by providing young people with social and green entrepreneurial skills, the initiative wants to develop long-sighted solutions to face future problems and challenges.

SOSUSK can in fact form the entrepreneurs of the future and inspire more young people to take an active role within their communities; this way, people neither in education nor in training will be able to shape their lives and develop their communities in a long-term and sustainable way.

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